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PlusCBD Oil 250

PlusCBD Oil™ Drops Gold Formula 250 mg (1 oz/30 ml)


Editor's Choice

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  • Low entry price
  • Quality extraction method
  • Comprehensive lab tests


  • Imported European hemp source
  • Less-than-clean company reputation
  • Lots of additives

Overview and brand reputation


PlusCBD Oil™ is an established company that says they are “pioneering the future of hemp.” They have a bunch of partnerships with hemp and cannabis nonprofits and news outlets such as Leafly, and their website is loaded with information. They sell a wide range of products and also advertise themselves as a wholesaler of CBD and claim to be the #1 choice in America for CBD, though we aren’t sure where this statistic comes from. On their website, they heavily emphasize testing their product for purity, and to that end they’ve in fact built their own lab. They are based in San Diego and Las Vegas. The umbrella company that makes PlusCBD is actually CV Sciences, aka CannaVest. We discovered that this company was charged with fraud in June 2017 by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for inflating company assets on their balance sheet (litigation release here:

Source and extraction method


We’re torn on this. On the one hand, PlusCBD Oil™ states that they use no solvents and stick to the CO2 extraction method, which is probably the cleanest and purest way to pull CBD and other cannabinoids from hemp cannabis. However, their hemp comes from Europe and they don’t offer much detail other than that it’s grown from EU-certified hemp seeds. We had to dig into the FAQs page on their site to find the source information.

Visual assessment


The PlusCBD Oil™ dropper bottle has a plain, simple, clean design—no aesthetic frills, but that’s ultimately not what’s important. The label includes all the standard information with respect to ingredients and CBD content and the usual warnings. The oil itself is a rich, golden color and has a fairly neutral smell (we opted for the unflavored version of the tincture, but there is also a peppermint flavor). Outer packaging was simple and the product was shipped with standard care and attention.

Cannabinoid content


On the PlusCBD website there are two tincture strengths available, 250 mg (which we tested) and 750 mg. On other sellers’ sites, we’ve seen a 100 mg and 500 mg tincture as well, but PlusCBD seems to have discontinued these—more on this in our final assessment. We were given two lab tests for the 250 mg sample—one from CV Sciences’ proprietary lab, and one that looks to be from a third-party company in Las Vegas called DB Labs. According to proprietary lab tests, this tincture has a total of 257.89 mg of CBD, while the third-party test shows 251 mg—both pretty true to labeling and expectations. It’s noteworthy that this product contains almost zero THC, coming in at around 0.02% on the CV Sciences lab and zero/too low to read on the third-party. This might be attractive for athletes and others who prefer to avoid THC completely. Other cannabinoid content is not mentioned on the bottle, but the labs show CBDV, CBDa, CBG, CBGa, CBDVa, CBC, and CBN in small amounts, though these readings differ between labs. There is no mention of terpenes.

Lab tests


PlusCBD Oil™ makes lab results readily available. They will supply specific batch tests on request, and also general tests from their database if you’re inquiring but haven’t purchased or received a specific product yet. Their proprietary analysis for cannabinoids is all well and good, but we found it a little confusing that they would send this and a third-party cannabinoid workup as well—though we’re glad the readings were similar. The third-party lab test is one of the most comprehensive we’ve seen, covering bacteria/microbiology, heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents.

Other ingredients/additives


PlusCBD Oil™ is a disappointment when it comes to what goes into their CBD drops. Their product is loaded with additives, which might help to explain the low price point. None of the additives are bad for you, per se—most are nutritional elements in and of themselves (monkfruit, silica, ascorbyl palmitate, alpha tocopherol), but based on a 1- or 2-ounce sample, it’s unlikely that any of these nutritive additions comes in a sufficient quantity for any added benefit. The PlusCBD tincture also contains quillaja saponaria (soapbark extract), which is basically an emulsifier and filler that is commonly found in carbonated beverages and also in cosmetics and soaps. The fact that they add water, too, is unfortunate.



We recognize that taste is largely subjective. The PlusCBD Oil™ 250 mg unflavored variety has a very mild taste, probably due to the infusion of olive oil, the added water, and the potential absence of terpenes. There is no heavy, musky hemp/cannabis flavor, which might be very appealing for those who prefer a neutral tincture. We test the oil by taking it sublingually, and do not mix it with anything, but this would mix well with just about any beverage. We did not try the peppermint-flavored version.



Based on CBD content for your dollar, PlusCBD Oil™ is a good value. There appear to be 4 configurations of bottle size and CBD strength you can order (1 or 2 ounces, 250 or 750 mg), but we were only able to plug in the 250 mg tincture in the 1-ounce size (which we tested), and the 750 mg in the 2-ounce. Compared to other tinctures, the $41.95 pricing for the 250 mg/1 oz is just ok, but you’ll pay just $89.95 for the 750 mg/2 oz, which is an impressive value. We’re not sure why the other configurations can’t be ordered—they might be out of stock but we’ve checked this periodically and haven't seen a change.



PlusCBD Oil™ does offer some deals on their other products, but not on the tinctures (at least not at the time of this writing). There are coupon codes that go along with signing up for their newsletter, though—this seems like a pretty standard practice among CBD makers these days. Standard shipping rates apply up to orders of $99.00—beyond that, U.S. domestic ground shipping is free. Their return policy only covers 14 days, though, as opposed to the usual 30 days we see, and the product must be returned unopened, which limits possible reasons for returning and doesn’t take customer satisfaction with the actual product into account.

Customer service


PlusCBD/CV Sciences is very responsive and answers emails promptly. They are easy to get ahold of by phone during standard business hours. They are more than happy to help furnish lab tests and anything else their customers might ask for.



We’re conflicted about PlusCBD Oil™—unfortunately it’s not a big winner for us. On the one hand, they’re using a superior extraction method for their CBD, and there’s some real value on their products, especially the 750 mg/2 oz formulation. They’ve also got really comprehensive, readily available lab tests from a third party. But they’re using foreign hemp, and although they claim “seed-to-shelf” transparency on their website, there’s not much more info on the actual hemp cannabis source material. The additives are a real letdown, too. We went through our 250 mg bottle quickly and noticed some pretty mild calming effects. We’d like to try out the 750 mg, and will update this review when we do. Beyond the tincture itself, PlusCBD loses points for their 14-day/unopened-product return policy, and the nebulous details around CV Sciences/CannaVest. The SEC dent in their company name is a bit worrisome, and we don’t like how much they highlight that they are a bulk CBD seller. In addition, in their refunds section, they also mention the products Cibdex and Cibaderm, which we thought were from another company entirely—a bit confusing. We’ve also found another formulation of the same product on other CBD sellers’ sites—a 100 mg and 500 mg that comes in three flavors and has a different ingredient profile than what’s on their site. In short, some of these opaque details for a company that claims to be the best in America and to have total transparency feels a little off.

Other Products


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PlusCBD Oil 250 Lab Test Results

Cannabinoid Profile (mg/ml)

0.19 mg




9.5 mg


0.2 mg


0.16 mg


0.52 mg


0.07 mg


0 mg


0.31 mg


0 mg

Total Cannabinoids:

10.95 mg

Max THC:

0.19 mg

Max CBD:

10.76 mg

Ingredients: Glycerin (Kosher), Purified Water, Polysorbate 80 (Kosher), Sunflower Lecithin, Peppermint Oil (Mentha Piperita), Stevia Leaf Extract, Potassium Sorbate



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