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Everyday Plus

Charlotte’s Web Everyday Plus (500 mg) CBD Tincture (30 ml)


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  • Excellent brand reputation
  • Quality American-grown hemp source
  • Beautiful packaging and branding


  • Low CBD content (our batch)
  • Less detailed lab results
  • Very long time to ship

Overview and brand reputation


Charlotte’s Web/CW Hemp is one of the best-known hemp extract makers in the United States. The Stanley Brothers (of Colorado) invented the Charlotte’s Web strain of hemp by crossbreeding industrial hemp and marijuana in 2011. The strain is named for Charlotte Figi, a little girl afflicted with a type of epilepsy called Dravet syndrome, who found relief in CBD where all other remedies failed. Her story is in part what has put CBD on the map as a subject of medical study and scrutiny. This association, along with the fact that they were one of the early players in the CBD space, gives the Stanleys a great reputation among CBD brands. They also set up the Realm of Caring nonprofit for people who are unable to afford CBD treatment, and are involved in other philanthropic ventures.

Source and extraction method


Charlotte’s Web uses their own (synonymous) high-CBD strain of hemp cannabis for their products. It’s naturally grown and harvested in their own facility in Colorado, one of the states that is legally allowed to grow hemp in North America. They use two different extraction methods for different products—for their Everyday MCT oil tinctures, they use food-grade isopropyl alcohol extraction, but for their other products and the olive oil versions of the Everyday line of tinctures they use CO2. Both methods yield a high-quality product, but we wonder why they are using alcohol for one version of their tincture and not the other. We are assuming that because the MCT versions are mint chocolate flavored, the flavor of the tincture can be masked so it doesn’t need to be as clean—CO2 extraction yields a cleaner, milder flavor, but is more costly. So perhaps CW is saving money on the flavored versions by opting for alcohol. We’re not sure, but we couldn’t get a clear answer on this.

Visual assessment


We purchased our Charlotte’s Web from a dispensary, so we cannot comment on packaging for shipments. The box and bottle are exquisitely designed. All the colors perfectly complement one another and we love the mint green contrast of the inside of the box against the black/brown/gold of the outside. The bottle itself is brown (better for shelf life), so you cannot see the oil, but the dropper is clear. We were only able to get the mint chocolate MCT flavor—this oil is a muddy brownish green color, probably due to the flavoring. It’s of light viscosity and smells faintly of peppermint. CW loses some points on the labeling here, which seems somewhat vague across the board (this also seems to hold true on their website). They make no direct references to CBD content or any other cannabinoids; rather, they simply refer to the product as “hemp extract” and they recommend taking two full droppers twice per day.

Cannabinoid content


Based on the lab tests and the language on the CW website, Everyday Plus seems to be a full-spectrum product, though the language again is a bit fuzzy. According to the lab result, our batch had 15.1 mg/ml of CBD, which means the bottle contains a little less than 500 mg, weighing in at 453. It’s well in the safe zone for THC, with only 0.19 mg/ml. If there are other cannabinoids present, they are not documented, other than CBDa and THCa (precursors to CBD and THC), of which there were none in our batch, according to the lab test. According to the general description on their website, though, the Everyday line contains other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Lab tests


CW Hemp makes tests readily available if you contact them with your specific batch number, which we like because it’s relevant to the product you’re purchasing and using and not just a blanket test across all batches. They claim to have third-party testing, but their labs are branded with the CW logo and contact info, which we don’t love so much. The lab itself seems a bit less comprehensive than others we’ve seen, showing only CBD, CBDa (precursor to CBD), THC, and THCa as far as cannabinoids go, along with a “Pass” score for some bacteria, toxins, and one lump result for pesticides.

Other ingredients/additives


Charlotte’s Web Everyday Plus tincture is made with different ingredients depending on which flavor you purchase. The olive oil version is just hemp cannabis extract and olive oil. The mint chocolate is made with MCT oil and “organic chocolate mint flavor oil” (which is made with sunflower oil and natural flavors). Other than the flavoring agent for the mint chocolate, there are no additives.



We recognize that taste is largely subjective. We tend to like the more natural approach in general, and have a feeling we’d prefer the olive oil version to the mint chocolate. The flavored tincture is not sweetened, but it has a fairly strong mint profile, with the chocolate as more of an undertone. The taste is not unpleasant and we understand why some people might prefer this version. We test all products by taking them sublingually and do not mix them with anything, but this would blend well into a chocolate smoothie or a protein shake, or even in coffee.



The Charlotte’s Web Everyday Plus tincture is priced well. The smallest bottle available is 30 ml and goes for $74.99 on their website—many companies sell 15 ml bottles for similar prices. They have a 100 ml option as well, which sells for $188.99. For a high-quality product from an established company, it’s nice to see that they’re still reasonable. The lower-than-advertised CBD content loses us a bit, though.



CW offers free shipping and free return shipping as well, which is great. They also have a 30-day guarantee, also great. They have a buy-4/get-one-free special, which definitely adds value as well. But they lose some points for taking 7-13 days to ship their product, needing 6-8 days for tracking to update, and having no expedited shipping options. In the age of Amazon Prime and 1- or 2-day shipping, CW needs to step up their game.

Customer service


CW is responsive and answers emails within a business day, generally speaking. They also have a chat feature on their website, which is convenient. When we asked about their extraction methods we did hit a bit of a dead end, though (see source/extraction method, above), and wish they had responded with more depth/detail. We got them on the phone as well, and they were pleasant and as helpful as is possible without giving concrete recommendations or medical advice.



We all owe Charlotte’s Web a debt of gratitude for being one of the companies that has helped to put CBD on the map and pave the way for greater awareness. Their Everyday Plus is a quality product made with CW’s own strain of top-quality Colorado hemp. We’re a bit mystified by the two different extraction methods based on flavor, and the vagueness around that, though. We don’t love that their lab tests are less comprehensive than others we’ve seen, and that they are CW-branded. Variations are to be expected, but we’re a bit disappointed by the 453 mg CBD content—that’s almost 50 mg less than what should be in the tincture, so even though pricing is good, you’re getting a little less CBD for your buck, at least in our batch. We felt some calming effects from using the product, though we had to take a lot (and often) to really notice much. The 7-13-day ground shipping window, with no other options, is pretty abysmal and we were thankful to be able to get the tincture from a dispensary. Hopefully this is temporary and is a sign that the company is experiencing (positive) growing pains.

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Everyday Plus Lab Test Results

Cannabinoid Profile (mg/ml)

1.94 mg




36.45 mg


0.14 mg


.4 mg


1.07 mg


.01 mg




.67 mg


.09 mg

Total Cannabinoids:

40.76 mg

Max THC:

1.94 mg

Max CBD:

37.03 mg

Ingredients: Hemp extract, MCT fractionated coconut oil, organic chocolate mint flavor oil (organic sunflower oil, natural flavors)



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