The word has been out for a while now that cannabis can be a natural sex enhancer, but a lot of the old-school cannabis/sex convo is around THC, and not all of it is positive. As CBD gets its turn in the spotlight, things are shifting focus. We’ve managed to unearth some interesting observations that might bring you a step or two closer to toe-curling ecstasy. Let’s “go there,” shall we?

Before going too deep, let’s lay everything out so you know what you’re reading here: A lot of the wisdom around cannabinoids and sex comes from anecdotal material. There is nowhere near enough scientific study or development in the cannabis/sex department for there to be clear answers or prescriptions around how CBD and other cannabinoids affect sexual arousal. That said, we’ve found some sources that discuss this, as well as some fun examples of sex-enhancing cannabis products on the market. The fact that there’s such variety and demand definitely suggests that something’s working here….

We’ve got to start by acknowledging the basic tenet that cannabinoids can affect the human sexual excitement and inhibition systems (SES, SIS) when consumed. A 2009 study tells us that “The influence of cannabis intake on sexual behavior and arousability appear to be dose-dependent in both men and women, although women are far more consistent in reporting facilitatory effects.” The fact is that people have been using cannabis to various ends for thousands of years, and cultural luminaries from Charles Baudelaire to Carl Sagan have sung the praises of the cannabinoid-sex connection. As stated above, while THC gets most of the buzz around this topic, CBD is sexy, too. Here’s why:

  1. CBD is a proven anxiolytic. This means that it can have a positive effect on knocking out performance anxiety that we all know can hinder both men and women from feeling their freest and unlocking their full sexual potential.
  2. CBD seems to spur clearer, more vivid thinking and promote better communication. Being able to better engage and communicate with a sexual partner is one of the things that stimulates the ol’ SES.
  3. CBD is a sensual enhancer and an energizer. If you’re not sure what this means with respect to sex, well, go watch a movie, read a book, use your imagination….
  4. Relatedly, especially in older women, CBD is shown to boost sex drive. There are even specific high-CBD/low-THC products for this, like Sexxpot, developed by Karyn Wagner/Paradigm Medical Marijuana.
  5. CBD mitigates pain during sex, which nearly 75% of women experience at some point in their lives, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. This can come from a range of physical problems, like ovarian cysts or pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), and/or emotional issues. CBD is being used by companies like Privy Peach in personal lubricants and massage oils to help women cope with these issues.
  6. With CBD, there are no dosage issues or toxic limits that we know of. Meaning you don’t have to ponder various strains and strengths as you do with THC and experiment to find that “sweet spot” (THC in too high of a dose is a reported sex killer). You can concentrate on finding other sweet spots instead.
  7. When it comes to orgasms, some men claim that CBD helps them to have better ones, and more of them. Some women also report better and more orgasms, especially those who have a hard time climaxing due to an oversensitive clitoris. CBD’s role in pain regulation likely has something to do with this.
  8. Very indirectly, CBD can have a positive effect on the libido of anyone on pharmaceutical drugs for mental health issues like depression, anxiety disorders, or PTSD. These drugs tend to sap sex drive; so the more people are aware of CBD as a potential alternative remedy and are willing to experiment with lessening their meds or dumping them altogether in favor of a natural CBD product, the more likely they are to have healthier sex lives.

All this sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? CBD could very well become your secret weapon in the bedroom. And don’t forget, it comes in many forms other than oral tinctures. There’s a growing edibles market out there—some CBD-only, some with different ratios of CBD and THC. Do your research and play around to see what you and your partner respond to. Get it on with CBD at your own risk, but if you do, let us know how it works for you!



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