About Us

CBDMovement.org was primarily created to educate and inform readers about the rising tide of evidence that validates the use of CBD as an alternative treatment for many medical conditions.

We honor and respect the application of CBD for thousands of years, and are here to challenge skeptics and support those interested in learning more about using CBD and making informed choices about CBD products.

We aim to tell the CBD story objectively and concretely, and to compile and communicate regular information about what’s happening in the CBD world today, as its miraculous story continues to unfold.

There is so much information out there on CBD, cannabis, and medical marijuana that it can be a confusing subject to navigate. Inconsistencies exist across many websites and books published on the subject, with many people claiming to be “experts.” At CBD Movement, we strive to rise above the ill-informed and, even worse, the shills who try to prey on the masses of people seeking alternative, more natural therapies for a host of conditions and ailments. We are here for the people, for you, and we promise to provide the best and most accurate information we can find. We hope you will make us your top CBD knowledge resource.

CBD is not a mere fad or trend. As evidence of its therapeutic benefits spreads, we are seeing a real movement among patients and providers alike, hence the name CBD Movement.

There is strength in numbers, and in knowledge. So join us. Join the movement!

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